November 29, 2010

I found a website recently that I love! We've all gotten stuck in the situation where you kinda have an idea of what to wear, but you can't make a final decision. is a fantastic website where you upload 3 photos and have people vote on your outfit options. 

There is different categories to choose your occasion - casual, work day, school day, job interview, wedding, girls night, office party, hot date, etc.

I haven't uploaded any photos, but I do use this as a past-time when I'm bored to vote on other peoples' outfits. 

It's a great website for style advice and feedback! :)


StyleCheckup said...

Dear Kristen,
We came across your site and were surprised to see your post about! We're so happy that you enjoy our site and thanks for sharing our site with your fans. Feel free to stop by our site any time :)
Erin Higgins, Editor

Kouture Kisses said...

No problem, Thanks Erin!


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