September 7, 2011

I am Still Music Tour

*picture heavy post*

My mom bought my brother & I amazing seats for the Lil Wayne show. She knows I love Wayne & my brothers a huge Keri Hilson lover -_- lol. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of me & my outfit (which always seems to happen when I'm the one taking the pictures. Ugh!) but, oh well.

Concert Outfit

This is basically what I wore. The shirt is from Target, my shorts from Wet Seal, my beloved Litas, assorted bracelets, Pink Friday lipstick & winged eyeliner. Love!

We got to the concert and since my mom had paid for a VIP pass we got to go to a special entrance and not wait out in the line. We got to our seats just as Lloyd ran onstage.

My brother and I are big Lloyd fans. He was so cute with long hair *sigh* oh well, he can still sing! Lol. 
I think they should've had Far East Movement before Lloyd because they only did like 3 or 4 songs and Lloyd did a lot more! 

 Far East Movement was cool. The bass was BUMPIN' throughout their entire set. When they did "Like a G6" they had some bootleg chick up there lip syncing horribly. She made Britney Spears look like a pro lol! I could've did without her, but overall they were good!

Those cat eye glasses, the gun microphone & the pink jumpsuit?! Killed it.

This vest was HOTTT. I love it!!

Keri was a good performance. My brother was too hype the whole time -_- waiting on her to pull him on stage. Lol. Dream on! Her vocals were okay, nothing special. *No Shade!* 

 BIG MEEEECH! Lmao. When I tell you I was so hype. I don't even know why, cause I don't listen to Rick Ross (besides the most popular songs) - it might have been the crowd. Everyone around me was jumpin', rappin' & a lil' tipsy. The vibe was crazy, but I loved it.

 Young Mula Babyyyy.

 He came out hittin' the dougie! So cute :)

 Wayne was skateboarding ON STAGE! Lol (This is the show where he fell & jacked himself up afterwards & went to the hospital)
 Mack Mizzle Babyyy

 So cute! :)
This is the only shot I got of Shanell. Her whole outfit was KILLING me. OMG. Studs everywhere! Plus she can sing her butt off!!

Sadly, my camera died and I didn't get pics of Wayne in his Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear Adidas & the other members of Young Money & Cory Gunz. :(
This show was so much fun though!! Anytime Wayne is in your area, I highly suggest going to see him. His energy is soooo amazing live. Love it.

Oh, and there was some drunk girl that ran onstage (and flashed all of us behind her since she had on a short flowy dress) for Wayne after like 2 songs. -_- If you're going to run onstage, at least do it at the END of the show! Lol What's the point?!

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