March 28, 2011

iPad 2 case that costs more than the iPad 2?!

The iPad 2 is obviously on my wishlist (isn't it on everyone's??) and of course with it you have to buy some kind of protective case. 

Why not buy an Hermes case? 

Both cases are made from the finest calfskin leather & the Hermes logo.
Other then that, there's nothing special about these cases besides them being Hermes cases. 

Oh and the price?? 
The one on the left (which is just a basic sleeve case) is $820
& the one on the right (which is a folder/stand case) is $1,400.

Protective cases aren't supposed to cost more than the device it's protecting!


1 comment: said...

i agree and omg cant wait to get an ipad 2 lol we will definetly be skyping

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