February 7, 2011

Rihanna's S&M video accused of being copied! (Photos)

Like all of Rihanna's fans, I couldn't wait for her S&M video to premier online. I love the song!

My first reaction to the video was "Wow, I love the colors. This is one of her best videos yet!"

Unfortunately, she's being accused of ripping off the amazing photographer David LaChapelle.
Similar right? *sigh* I love this video & David is definitely one of my photographer inspirations. Sorry Rih, but I cant get jiggy with swag-jackers!

View more comparison pictures here.
View David LaChapelle's work here.



Mierrann said...

goes to show how unoriginal people are nowadays :/

Anonymous said...

Yes shes a copy cat...but shouldn't the producer of the video be sued too not just the artist #imjustsaying

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