January 3, 2011

Pajama Jeans?

I know you all have seen the commercial for these "pajamas to live in, jeans to sleep in" called Pajama Jeans

Basically, the fabric feels like jersey on the outside & sweatpants or fleece on the inside. 
Pajama Jeans were inspired by the people who go out in public wearing their pajamas. 

These things cost $40! I'll stick to regular sweatpants and call it a day.
Put these on a shelf next to the Booty Pop & Snuggie

I need to come out with my own "As Seen on TV" product!!!

How do you feel about Pajama Jeans? Would you buy a pair?

Photo credit : Google Images


Whitley Joodeeay said...

It's just some new gimmick...I think we're better off buying Jeggings and call it a day

Kouture Kisses said...

Whitley - Exactly! (:

Laura said...

wow pajama jeans???? nooooo! ha ha

it's amazing what people come up with...


Linka said...

No thank you! Lol, If they were given as a gift I would wear them to do laundry or paint. Just an in-house item.

Alee. said...

Pajama jeans? Is that what we're doing in 2011?
I followed your blog, it's pretty cool. Come check me out sometime :)

Kouture Kisses said...

Laura - Lol I know.

Linka - Yeah I'd never wear them outside the house if they were gifted to me.

Alee - Lol! Thanks for following. (:

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